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3 Surprising Chocolate Facts for Sweet Tooths

They say a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and nothing makes someone feel in love more than chocolate. It’s like eating ecstasy in one bite, especially when the velvety goodness melts and coats your mouth. Chocolate is a guilty pleasure that captures the hearts of both adults and children, making it a universal addiction that people can’t get enough of. 

While nothing beats biting into the real thing, it’s fun to break down everyone’s go-to dessert. Nobody needs a reason to love chocolates, but picking up some surprising facts about everyone’s favourite dessert can be a treat for chocolate-lovers. 

Chocolates Contain Caffeine 

People often need a good cup of coffee to kickstart their morning, but you can also power yourself up for the day by indulging in a lip-smacking cup of hot chocolate for breakfast! While it seems like the kind of drink meant for comfort during colder seasons, chocolate is actually loaded with caffeine, making it an excellent early-morning buzz or treat to beat the afternoon slump.

Dark chocolate packs the most caffeine as it comes with 19 mg of caffeine for every 50 g, and while it’s not much compared to your average brew, munching on chocolate can be a wonderful alternative. 

Chocolates were First Enjoyed as a Drink 

Chocolate drinks are a perfect beverage for sweet tooths, especially since it’s like having dessert in liquid form. However, one of the first cultivators of the cocoa bean was already enjoying it as drinks way back in 1500 BC, but the twist is that chocolate took on a savoury palate. 

The Mayans were purveyors of this earthy and spicy drink. While it was bitter and savoury during ancient times, it’s interesting to know how it evolved into the sweet and creamy treat everyone knows and love today. 

Chocolate is a Delicious Aphrodisiac and Antidepressant 

You’re not imagining things when your mood starts to lift after eating a lovely bar of chocolate. While it can certainly turn frowns upside down in sweet tooths, there’s a science behind chocolate’s feel-good tendencies. 

For one, chocolate is chock-full of a chemical called phenylethylamine, which is the hormone responsible for triggering pleasurable sensations in the brain. That’s why eating chocolate can immediately turn sour moods sweeter, so don’t hesitate to take a bite when you’re feeling down. 

The Bottom Line: Getting to Know Chocolate Beyond Its Flavours 

Chocolate is a perennial favourite dessert, one that little-to-no persons can ever resist. While reading up on random facts about chocolate won’t do anything to sate your cravings, it’s a fun activity to do that can give you more reasons to indulge in the gooey treat even more. 

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