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5 Ways to Take Your Flower Delivery to the Next Level

Ordering flowers to be sent to your loved one for a special occasion is a sure-fire way to make them feel very happy and loved. Surprise flower deliveries are incredibly meaningful, and it’s an unexpected moment that will make someone’s day or week!

If you want to take your flower delivery game to a higher level, read on for some tips.

Send Flowers “Just Because”

The best way to ensure that your loved one is surprised by your flower delivery is to schedule it for an ordinary day. It’s wonderful to send flowers for someone’s birthday or Mother’s Day, but it can be even more heartwarming and meaningful to send them “just because”.

A simple bouquet on a random Tuesday or Wednesday will surely make a big impact on your recipient! Choose any day you like, as long as there’s no occasion. There’s no wrong time to receive flowers, after all.

Choose Unique Flowers

Women love a good bouquet of roses—they’re classic for a reason! Another great way to surprise your loved one is to opt for something out of the box, something completely different. Instead of a run-of-the-mill bouquet, you can send a succulent garden or lucky bamboo. A handful of young tulips will give your recipient the excitement of waiting for them to bloom. You can opt for something that will last a little longer, like a stunning arrangement of dried flowers set in a glass dome.

The more unusual your choice, the more memorable it will be!

Include An Edible Component

Flowers can make someone’s day, but if you add chocolate or candy to the mix, then your recipient might just love you forever! Adding an edible component to your flower arrangement takes it to the next level. You not only make their workplace or house look beautiful, but you’ll make their sweet tooth and stomach happy, too.

Use Your Words

Adding heartfelt sentiments to your flower delivery will make the surprise much more personal. After all, your feelings and regard for the recipient are just as important as the flowers themselves.

You don’t have to write an award-winning poem or an essay-length letter. A simple, heartfelt message will do, as long as you keep it sincere and you express the main reason why you’re sending flowers at all. There’s no need for grand, bombastic statements. The more specific you are, the more meaningful your message will be.

Follow It Up

Sending a surprise bouquet is only the first step to your appreciation campaign. Strengthen that connection further by following up the delivery with a simple phone call so you can feel closer together despite the distance.

Once you know your surprise has been delivered, that will serve as your reminder to take some time out of your day to connect with your loved one and have a simple, heartfelt conversation.


Sending flowers is a wonderful way to make a person feel special. The tips listed above will help make a simple bouquet even more meaningful for you and your recipient. If there’s someone in your life that you want to surprise, get the ball rolling on those ideas right now!

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