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Wedding Planning 101: A Checklist of Common Floral Needs

Many women and men have been planning their dream weddings since they were young. To walk down the aisle wearing a white wedding dress that may have been passed down for generations is often how the perfect wedding is imagined.

But of course, a wedding is more than just a dress. Flowers have always been a necessary staple in weddings. They can be seen from the wedding entrance, at the reception, and even in the bride’s hands. Finding a wedding florist can be hard work. 

Finding the Right Wedding Florist

The right florist has an elegant touch to their floral arrangements. The good ones may have design templates available, but some can make your ideas into reality by customising arrangements for you. They should also deliver their flowers promptly and while they are still fresh and in bloom. 

The Significance of Flowers in Wedding Ceremonies

Flowers at weddings give off a feeling of exquisiteness and can build the ambience. They are more than decorations since flowers can determine the mood and significantly brighten up the room. Here are some of the instances where flowers are most significant during a wedding ceremony:

Wedding Entrance

When the doors open, it’s likely the first time the people see how lovely the bride is. Partner that moment with a great floral wedding arch and it may complement the bride’s dress and make her entrance more dramatic. There could be a lot of ideas for an entrance, but making an entrance with flowers is one of the best options.

Wedding Aisle

Before the bride walks down the aisle, flower girls will first shower it with beautiful petals. Flowers, during this instance, give a sense of creativity between the bride and the florist. Curating a perfect pathway adds drama as the bride meets her groom at the end.


One of the most iconic symbols of a wedding is the bouquet. A bouquet can vary depending on the bride’s preference for flowers. Each flower corresponds to a symbolic connotation that contains a positive and romantic significance. Although the bride isn’t the only one holding a bouquet during the event, her bouquet is the most distinguished among the bridal party. 


Another way to amp up the bride’s look is by incorporating flowers into her hairstyle. Flowers in her hair give an added level of loveliness. Other than flowers, the bride can easily switch up to a clip depending on what she prefers. But then again, flowers are perfect for weddings.

Groom’s Boutonniere

A boutonniere is usually a bud attached to the groom’s tux lapel during weddings. It’s something worn during special occasions, and wearing it during a wedding symbolizes love. The groomsmen can also wear boutonnieres, but not as necessary as a groom wearing one.


Planning the perfect wedding takes time and hard work. What you can do is plan the event with experts florists to help you curate your floral needs. It does not only save you time but also eases the stress to make things perfect.

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