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Celebrating National Spa Week

In celebration of National Spa Week, we thought this was the perfect time to shout about the exceptional ranges of skincare we have in store and online, La-Eva, ALTUM and Myrtle & Soap.


‘…inspired by the idea of synaesthesia (from the ancient greek σùν, syn – ‘togetherand αіσθησις, aisthesis – ‘sensation), bringing together ingredients, properties, textures and scents to create products with harmony and purpose.’

The La-Eva skincare range arrived in store mid-September and has already been eagerly received by you all. It’s easy to see why, this luxurious brand is based on simplicity and a less-is-more concept. Their product range is created for multipurpose, universal use – no more shelves full of bottles for each part of our bodies. 

La Eva Skincare Roseum wash and lotionBlu wash & lotion pair

In ordnance with our sustainable purchasing policy, which you can read further about in our Plastic Free July blog post, a top priority was how eco-friendly are La-Eva’s products? We were  therefore extremely happy to find out they are certified by The Soil Association, The Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny. For those of you who are not aware of these certifications, this means all products contain no animal ingredients, nor are they tested on animals, they contain no controversial chemicals and no synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances. 

La-Eva’s products are presented in amber glass apothecary bottles and all their packaging is made or sourced using the most sustainable products available to them. They are also one of the first UK-based brands to offer a refill service as their commitment to reusing and therefore reducing waste, single use plastics and the horrific impact this has on our environment. 

Roseum Lotion Roseum Exfoliant salts

The founder and creative director of La-Eva, Louisa Canham, originally a clinical psychologist discovered the art and joy of making cold press soaps before opening an artisan soap studio in 2014. The brand has since evolved into what we see today, a unique and inspirational creator of multipurpose skincare. 

In our store and webshop you will find two scent ranges of La-Eva, Blu and Roseum. The Blu range made with blue chamomile, lavender and vetiver which gives a woody and herbal scent whilst the Roseum range is made with rose geranium, petit grain and clove with gives a glorious floral scent. Both scents include a face and body wash alongside a lotion. We also have exfoliant salts in the Roseum and to top it off, the Jasmina Oil, which can be used on all skin types and is also recommended to nourish dry hair and nails. 

Explore the full La-Eva range we have to offer here.


Our ALTUM wellness range has been a firm favourite since we opened and we are still as much in love today as we were when it first arrived. ALTUM is latin for high or deep water, which is where the inspiration for the range was found, in and around the Wadden Sea and marshland areas in the northwest of Holland. 

Marsh herb hand lotion marsh herb hand cream marsh herb salt scrub Marsh Herb soap block

Altum skincare and wellness range aims to give you an experience of sincere well-be-ing, with pure, natural and nordic ingredients”.

All ALTUM products are developed in Denmark and made in Holland and Denmark using natural nordic herbs such as cornflower, reships, sea buckthorn and chamomile flower. These carefully picked ingredients are chosen for their beneficial properties to give a unique and nourishing experience.

meadow salt scrub meadow hand soap meadow hand lotion

In store we currently stock four different scents in the ALTUM range; Amber, Marsh Herbs, Meadow and Golden Grass. The Golden Grass scent is the latest scent we are stocking and it differs from the others we have as it has hints of citrus and orange flowers which gives an instant refreshing feel. The Amber fragrance alongside the Marsh Herbs are both rich in vitamins A, C and E, which comes through from the sea buckthorn in the Amber scent and from the rosehip extract in the Marsh Herbs scent. Finally, the Meadow fragrance, described as “potpourri from a Nordic flower meadow”, provides a soothing and nourishing effect with comes from the use of cornflower. 

Explore our full ALTUM range in store or click here for selected products on our webshop.

Myrtle & Soap 

Finally, our last range is Myrtle & Soap, a small family business which was founded by two cousins, Anastasia who lives in Germany and Eleni who lives in the UK. Their love for natural cosmetics led them to experiment with creating products for themselves before attending a mass of professional courses on natural cosmetics and botany. They then took the decision to quit their jobs and founded Myrtle & Soap. 

“The name “Myrtle” is a symbol of love, prosperity and positivity”

Deep Dusk natural soap Honey Pot Natural Soap

We chose Myrtle & Soap as they are a UK based company who focus on handmade, natural, plant-based products. Their range of soaps are all preservative free and are made in the traditional cold press method, they contain unrefined cocoa butter, organic shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and unrefined castor oil. Alongside the natural colorants such as herbal powders, clays and coconut shell derived activated charcoal, they use essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. 

The skincare range from Myrtle & Soap has always been immensely popular in store. Whilst the skincare products which do not contain any water such as the facial oil and lotion bar are preservative free, any products containing water need to have added preservatives to protect them from microbial growth. When water is added to products, the preservative added is suitable for vegans and is accepted by Ecocert and the Soil Association under the natural and organic cosmetics standards. 

Honey Pot Natural Soap Whipped Lip Balm Our Daily Milk natural soap

The final reason for our love of Myrtle & Soap, their soaps are packaged in biodegradable paper bags, skincare products are in glass or aluminium containers and all orders are shipped in boxes made from ecological cardboard and filled with natural wood wool.

Explore our full Myrtle & Soap range in store or click here for selected products on our webshop. 

All these skincare products are also available as gift hampers, see here to order online or for bespoke hampers pop in store.