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Quick and Easy DIY Dried Flower Ideas You Can Try for Yourself

A freshly cut bouquet of flowers placed in a vase can bring life to your home for a few days or a couple of weeks, at most. These blooms need some attention, especially if you want to lengthen their lifespan. While fresh flowers are great, if you are looking for a more permanent flower arrangement decoration, you may want to consider using dried flowers. 

The great thing about dried flowers is that they come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes! You can buy them from a store (and this is highly recommended for special occasions!) but if you’re just looking to beautify your home with some small crafts, why not try drying them yourself?

DIY Dried Flower Ideas

One of our favorite things about dried flowers is that you can use this technique to immortalize a special bouquet that was gifted to you. Have you recently received a bunch you want to transform into lasting memories? Here are a few of our ideas!

1 – Framed Flowers

Framed flowers will make a great piece to hang on your wall or a wonderful gift you can give to someone you care about. While they’re still fresh and beautiful, arrange a few blooms carefully between two sheets of paper. Then, press them in between heavy books and leave them to dry out for a couple of weeks. After they’re completely dry and hold a flat shape, simply affix them to a sheet of paper and frame them!

2 – Dried Flower Wreath

If you have an abundance of flowers that you can dry out and use, you can weave them together after you dry them and turn them into a wreath that can be used all year ‘round. Of course, you can also create a themed wreath for a special celebration! Wreaths can be placed at the front door, over the mantelpiece, by mirrors, on a shelf—the options are endless!

Just use some string to create small bunches of floral elements—flowers, leaves, delicate branches, anything you’d like! Then, use some bind wire to carefully arrange them into a wreath. You can even pick up a premade wreath from your local crafts store and just arrange the flowers around it.

3 – Flower Candles

If you have colorful flowers, you can have them continue to brighten up your home by adding them to your candles. If you have made candles before, you can buy scented wax, or use a non-scented one if you’d prefer. Simply add the petals of your flowers before covering it with more wax for a burst of color to your candles.

4 – Dried Flower Phone Cases

If you want to carry around your flowers wherever you go, why not make a DIY phone case adorned with the blooms? If there are sentimental reasons connected to the flowers, you can now have a reminder conveniently at the tips of your fingers.


Flowers can be used to add color and fragrance to a home. One of the best things about flowers is that they can still add these aesthetic qualities and elements to a home even if they are no longer fresh! The list above is not an all-inclusive list as to how one can use dried flowers, but we hope that you will walk away with more knowledge as to how to preserve and immortalize your flowers on your own. Either way, going to a florist will help you gain more insight as to this and will help you choose the right flowers to use for your next DIY project.

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