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Most Popular Flower Options to Use During Your Wedding

A successful wedding will be seen in the most minute details. Planning what song to play during the wedding march, the color motif to be used, and who is to be part of the wedding entourage will all require careful consideration. All of these choices will show the personalities of the couple who are going to get married. That being said, one of the most important decisions a bride and groom make is the type of flowers that will be used.

Choosing your flowers is a huge decision because flowers will be used in many different parts of the wedding. From the aisle to the petals of the flower girl to the bridal bouquet, your flower choice will come into play.

Most Popular Flower Options to Use During Your Wedding

Before anything else, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! If you have landed on this page while planning your wedding, here are some of the best flower choices you can use for your bridal car flowers, bouquet and other flower arrangements!

1 – Ranunculus

This is a multi-petaled mild scented flower that will work wonderfully for your wedding bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. In the Victorian language of flowers, to carry ranunculus flowers meant “I am dazzled by your charms”, so you can understand why it has been used in weddings since the Victorian era.

2 – Peony

Peonies have beautiful petals and stems and have a strong scent in comparison to other flowers. This is another flower that is best used in bouquets; however, you may also opt to use peonies in the flower arrangements in the church or wedding reception venue. 

3 – Sweet Pea

These flowers have been an old-fashioned choice for bridal bouquets because in the Victorian language of flowers, they carry the meaning “lasting pleasure”. They come in many colors that range from pure white to fun pinks and purples and have a strong candy-like scent.

4 – Gardenia

Gardenias have a sultry scent and will work best for table centerpieces and even for bridal hairpieces. You can also use them in other accessories such as corsages and boutonnieres. They have an strangely addictive scent that many people cannot get enough of.

5 – Stephanotis

This is a dainty white flower that means “marital happiness” in the Victorian flower language. This meaning makes it one of the most popular choices for traditional bridal bouquets. It has a mild scent and is conveniently available all year round, no matter what time of the year you choose to get married.


At the end of the day, there is no one flower that trumps the others when it comes to choosing which one to use for your wedding. To be able to make the right choice, think about what type of colors and scents you prefer. Sit down as a couple or consult your wedding planner about which flower will work best for these preferences.

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