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Flower Subscription Services: 5 Reasons to Consider Them

When decorating a home, you need to think about the pieces to include. For most houses, homeowners want their residence to look bright and fresh. You can achieve this by adding a natural element inside, like plants or a fresh bouquet. Aside from the natural beauty, a fresh bouquet has many benefits. 

Adding a bouquet at home could undeniably improve the smell in a room. They can brighten up the room immediately and improve everyone’s mood. However, for many, buying fresh flowers every now and then might be an inconvenience. Fortunately, Coco and Bloom is a florist that offers flower subscriptions. 

Here are some reasons you should take advantage of the offer:

1: Ease and Affordability 

With an ongoing subscription, you no longer need to go out every other day and visit your florist to get fresh flowers. All you have to do is place an order or book in advance and wait for a delivery guy. Whether you plan to give regular flowers to someone else or yourself, there is no need for you to go through that process every time. The subscription can automatically do that for you. 

2: Flexible Schedule

There is no pressure with a flower subscription. You can pause and cancel anytime, and you can change the address whenever you want. Should you want all your friends to experience a flower delivery, feel free to enrol them all in the program. You can even book one wherever you are or whatever chore you are doing. It is that easy. 

3: Get Them in a Few Minutes

Did you forget to get flowers on a special occasion or thought of it as a last-minute gift? Do not worry. Ordering flowers online can be faster. A few clicks on your website, and you would get what you want right at your doorstep. Because of your flower subscription, this can all be super easy.

4: It Has That Surprise Element

When getting a flower subscription, you would be asked about various categories, such as price range and what kind of flowers you want to get. Other flower subscriptions even offer random or surprise flower arrangements that can make the experience even more exciting. 

Imagine being surprised every time. One day you might get a beautiful bouquet of red roses, and the next time, you may get a letterbox flower.

5: Amazing Gift Idea 

A flower subscription is highly flexible, so you can keep surprising yourself each time with a flower delivery or share the experience with your loved ones. People always appreciate receiving flowers. Whether for yourself or someone else, a subscription is a fantastic gift idea that the recipients would definitely appreciate.


A flower can fit any occasion, whether it is a family member’s birthday, your anniversary with your partner, your friend’s first day at work, or just a beautiful day you want to celebrate. Regardless of what type of flower or floral arrangement you plan to send, they will always come fresh and beautiful. 

If you are looking for flower delivery in Maidstone, you are on the right page. Coco and Bloom offer deliveries and subscriptions. Simply select your chosen subscription plan, frequency, and duration, and we will do the rest for you. Get started by checking out the subscription button on this site.