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What to Do to Keep Your Bouquet of Flowers Fresh For Longer

A bouquet of fresh flowers never fails to brighten up a room. You may be holding the flowers in your hand, ready to place them in your pretty porcelain vase when you realise that you want to keep these flowers fresh for as long as possible.

If you place the flowers into a vase right away, the chances are that you may see them wilt after a few days at the most. However, if you have gotten a bouquet of flowers that has sentimental value to you, you would naturally want to keep them alive for as long as you can. 

If you are looking for ways to extend the life of your bouquet, this blog post can help you!

A Guide to Keeping Your Flowers Fresh for Longer

Many people do not know that there are ways to keep flowers fresh for longer! You need to be careful from start to finish to ensure that your flowers will be able to stay alive longer than they would if you had just left them lying on your kitchen counter wrapped in paper. If you leave your flowers out in the open without any water, they will dry out and wilt in no time at all. 

Here are steps on how you can prepare your flowers to be placed in a vase:

1 – Cut their Stems

It is important to cut the stems of the flowers as you prepare to put them in a vase. This is because when the florist originally cut their stems, they had already begun to heal themselves, meaning that they may not be able to take in as much water if you place them in the vase right away. Cutting the stems at an angle will help your flowers stand up and absorb the water inside the vase.

2 – Prune the Extra Leaves

Get rid of any excess leaves to fully let the flowers bloom. Doing this will also minimise the chances of any harmful bacteria forming on the leaves and in the water that may damage your flowers and cause them to wilt more quickly.

3 – Choose the Size of the Vase Wisely

Look at the length of the stems of your flowers and choose a vase that will be able to hold enough water and the flowers themselves. Also, it is important to ensure that your vase is stable and will be able to balance when the flowers are placed inside it.

4 – Give them Water and Sunlight

Change the water in your vase as the need arises, and make sure that the water is always clear and clean. Likewise, be sure to put the flowers under sunlight to help them grow even inside the vase.


Aside from the tips we have shared above, you may also try refrigerating your flowers or adding a little soda or vodka to the vase where they are soaking. However, no matter how long you try to extend the life of your flowers, they will eventually wilt. The good news is that there are flower shops that will be happy to recreate your bouquet for you again!

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