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Picking the Best Flowers for Every Occasion

Giving a bouquet of flowers to someone has always been a special way to celebrate love, happiness, and gratitude way back into ancient times. This sweet gesture passed the test of time, making it a go-to gift to express different emotions for every occasion — be it for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weddings, funerals, or even get-well-soon greetings. 

There’s plenty of events worth celebrating, and fortunately, there is a colourful array of flowers that are the best pick for that moment since floras hold different meanings. Learning the language of flowers can be a fun way to solidify the sentiments you have when giving or receiving flowers, so here’s a rundown of various floras you should reserve for the following event: 

Flowers for Weddings

The flower arrangements and the bride’s bouquet are essential decorative elements that add a pop of colour, texture, and personality to any wedding. The type and hue of the flowers can represent the couple’s taste, though it can also symbolise their love. 

Some opt for floral arrangements purely to set the mood and theme; others take their pick depending on what it means to the bride and groom. If you’re wondering which type of flowers are best for saying “I do’s,” consider the following go-to picks: 

  • Amaryllis – for love and determination;
  • Calla Lillies – for a touch of elegance;
  • Gardenias – to spark joy;
  • Hydrangeas – to represent heartfelt emotions; 

Flowers for Special Occasions 

People love commemorating new experiences, milestones, and memories worth remembering. So if you’re looking for blooms to celebrate your friend’s job promotion, wedding anniversary, graduation, and every other party in between, considering the following: 

  • Camellia – a sophisticated pick that represents excellence, this is great for personal achievements;
  • Daffodils – simple yet undeniably bright, this dainty variety inspires straightforward feelings, making it the right choice for “I’m sorry” bouquets.
  • Daisies – small, abundant, yet charming, the innocent vibes you get from daisies means they can be perfect for friends;
  • Dahlias – capturing the thrill of experiencing something new, dahlias are the way to go for life-changing milestones; 
  • Iris – representing courage and faith, irises are excellent for celebrating wedding anniversaries;
  • Orchids – beautiful in every sense of the word, orchids are a classic choice for your sweetheart;

The Bottom Line: The Best Bouquet to Pick for Every Special Event

There’s always a way to express your emotion with flowers, but you can widen your floral vocabulary by exploring different types and what they represent. Whether it’s to hand a beautiful birthday bloom, a bouquet for milestones like weddings, or as a congratulatory gift, flowers are a wonderful choice that can add colour and blissful vibes for every occasion. 

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