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6 Reasons to Fall in Love With the Beauty of Dried Flowers

Receiving flowers as a gift can give anyone a wonderful feeling. However, it is so frustrating when you can’t do anything about extending their beauty in your vase. The love for flowers also gave you an idea to explore more ways to gift flowers to your loved ones. 

Now, dried flowers introduced themselves to the public, and today, you can quickly get one from an online flower delivery. How quick the tables have turned from hating to receive dried flowers to dying to have one. But what is with these dried flowers that we find so lovely? 

Listed below are the characteristics of dried flowers and why they make a perfect gift:

They are long-lasting

Fresh flowers are incomparable, but, unfortunately, they require too much attention to live longer. With dried flowers, you don’t have to set the alarm to cut the stem and replace its water every now and then. 

Dried flowers can easily stay alive for years when taken care of properly, which is why they can be a good accent at home or an anniversary gift. Dried flowers also make good decorations for weddings or other special occasions that need more time for preparation. 

They are a constant reminder of love

With the community quarantine keeping people locked at home, people may be feeling tired and lonely. But did you know that you can bring your loved ones close to nature without taking them outdoors? You can easily order flowers online and send them to their doorstep!

Flower psychology proves that flowers can boost people’s energy and mood. Since dried flowers live longer, they will remind them of your love, concern, and thoughtfulness as they stay safe indoors.

They require low maintenance

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers only require low to no maintenance. Upon receiving them, you can just transfer them to a vase and arrange them beautifully if you wish to distribute them at home. No water, no soil, no fertiliser, and no trimming is required. Just take note not to put them in direct sunlight because it may affect the preservation of dried flowers.

They are versatile

Aside from sending dried flowers as a gift, you can also make wreaths and bouquets out of them. In addition, by pressing or framing, dried flowers can become a home accent, a phone case, resin accessories, or even confetti. You can think of no end in the versatility of a dried flower if you are creative enough to play with it!

They are easy to rearrange

One more thing about dried flowers is that they are not fragile. This means that you can repurpose many dried flowers that have been around for a long time and put them in another room. As such, you won’t have anything to worry about because they won’t get bruised and tired of the consistent relocation and vase transfer. 

If you are tired of how your current flower arrangement looks, you can also add more colours to improve the look and style. For example, if you were renovating your home and did some interior design changes and colour, dried flowers can easily complement that. You don’t have to let go of your dried flowers due to minor changes. 

They can be sold in any season

You no longer have to plan your gift ideas to the time that the flower blooms. Dried flowers are preserved flowers, meaning that you can buy wholesale flowers of any kind at any time!


Dried flowers are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but they also warm the heart of anyone who will receive it. So, whatever thought or vibe you are trying to send, you will never go wrong with dried flowers, especially when you consider the six reasons mentioned above! 

Do you have anyone in mind you want to send flowers to? Show them your love today by getting them a bouquet of dried fragrant flowers from the florist in West Malling, Coco & Bloom. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!