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Etiquette for Sending Sympathy Flowers – What to Know

Flowers are an excellent example of the circle of life. They show that everything beautiful will eventually pass. But that gives you all the more reason to celebrate the beautiful things in life as they bloom.

Giving flowers to a grieving loved one is a common way to offer them your deepest sympathies and show them that you care. And it can be especially meaningful if your dearly departed had a fascination and love for flowers while still alive. 

But although your intentions to send flowers at a funeral are all good, you might not realise that you must follow certain flower etiquette. We’ll help shed light on the matter so you can stay respectful to the grieving family.

Should You Give Them Flowers?

Different religions have different customs for their dead. For some faiths, flowers are very much present at the funeral, while others might not typically include flowers in their ceremonies.

For both Catholic and Protestant Christians, all types of flowers are welcome. In Buddhism, you may send white flowers to the grieving family, but avoid giving any red flowers. Sending gifts and food should also be avoided for a Buddhist funeral. Flowers are also welcome in Mormonism as long as you avoid offering any gift in the shape of a cross. 

In Islam, people don’t typically send flowers. But on occasion, you might opt to give a small and humble arrangement. Jewish funerals, on a similar note, often do not include flowers. Funerals in Judaism often occur as soon after death as possible, so people don’t have time to send flowers.  

And for Hinduism, mourners typically do not offer flowers. There may, however, be flower garlands or seasonal flowers present in the casket. For the ceremony taking place 10 days after the death, it is customary for you to bring fruits.  

What Flowers Should You Get for a Funeral?

Now that you’ve determined if it’s okay to give flowers, you need to consider what type of flower would be most appropriate. As mentioned before, some religions welcome all forms of flowers. However, there are certain flowers more prominently used for funerals than others. 

White Lilies

For a sacred ceremony, such as a funeral, white lilies are ideal since they symbolise purity and simplicity. The beautiful white lily stalks also offer an elegance appropriate for paying respects to the dearly departed. The white lily is simple, beautiful and carries a meaningful thought.


The chrysanthemum holds a sweet and simple meaning. Chrysanthemums are widely used in funerals in several parts of the world as a way to send sympathies to the grieving. Giving this symbolic flower is a sweet way to show someone that you are thinking of them during this difficult time in their life. 


Although roses are typically associated with romantic occasions, light-coloured roses, especially the white rose, can also be given during funerals. Similar to the white lilies, the white rose also symbolises purity and innocence.

The Departed’s Favourite Flower

As long as it is the departed’s favourite flower, any flower is perfect for the occasion. It’s a subtle yet meaningful way to celebrate their life and your relationship. Remembering this little detail about them can be very sweet and meaningful. Their family members would surely appreciate it as they know their loved one would want to be surrounded by their favourite flowers at their funeral. It is a beautiful final gift you can give to your departed loved one.

Final Thoughts

Like flowers, we all have our time on this earth to bloom before we pass. But life isn’t about the wilting. Life should be a celebration of the beautiful things that happen in between. If your departed loved one liked flowers a lot or if it’s customary to send sympathy flowers in their culture or religion, show your final respects with a heartwarming arrangement.

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